Welcome to the website of the Horizon 2020 STEP project. STEP aims to develop and pilot test a cloud eParticipation SaaS platform, enhanced with web / social media mining, gamification, machine translation, and visualisation features, which will promote the societal and political participation of young people in the decision-making process on environmental issues.

The project will employ innovative social media analytics and monitoring tools, as part of effective strategies that will be developed, in order to engage young citizens in the pilot activities and increase their motivation to participate. Five pilots in an operational environment have been selected for the deployment of STEP solution in four countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey, with the participation of one regional authority, three municipalities, and an association of municipalities. The pilots are expected to involve testing by 8.200 young users and 85 policy makers. 65 decision making procedures with an impact on the environment are expected to be tested.


General information

Project title: Societal and political engagement of young people in environmental issues

Grant agreement: 649493

Starting date: June, 2015

Duration: 30 months

Topic: YOUNG-5b-2014