Here are listed the deliverables that will be submitted to the European Commission during the STEP project progress. You are able to download the deliverables which dissemination level is “Public”.

D1.2 – Minutes of 1st Advisory Board meeting (August 2015)

D1.3 1st Data Management Plan

D1.4 2nd Data Management Plan (May 2016)

D1.5 Minutes of 2nd Advisory Board meeting (July 2016)

D1.6 Minutes of the 3rd Advisory Board meeting (March 2017)

D1.7 Minutes of the 4th Advisory Board meeting (November 2017)

D1.8 3rd Data Management Plan (November 2017)

D2.1_Report on decision-making procedures

D2.2 Report on Users’ Needs and Technical Requirements

D2.3 Guidelines for handling ethical, legal issues and data protection

D2.4 Report on coproduction of services (September 2017)

D3.1 Architecture and Integration Framework Definition Specification (December 2015)

D3.2 Integrated and tested STEP platform (July 2016)

D3.3 Platform and component adaptations (October 2017)

D4.1 Report on youth motivation strategies

D4.2 Best practice report

D4.3 Social media monitoring tool (August 2016)

D4.4 Adaptations to social media monitoring tool (October 2017)

D5.1 Definition of STEP pilots and evaluation methodology (October 2016)

D5.2 Intermediate Evaluation (May 2017)

D5.3 Final evaluation report (November 2017)

D7.1-1st Dissemination Plan

D7.2-Dissemination pack

D7.3 1st Report on Dissemination activities (May 2016)

D7.4 1st Network of interest (May 2016)

D7.5 2nd Report on dissemination activities (May 2017)

D7.6 2nd Network of interest (April 2017)

D7.7 2nd Dissemination Plan (May 2016)

D7.8 3rd Report on Dissemination activities (November 2017)

D7.9 3rd Network of Interest (November 2017)