• STEP dialogue on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals – Report

    The present report and infographic is the result of the STEP EU-Wide dialogue, entitled “17 Global Sustainable Development Goals. Which are more important to you?” that was hosted on the STEP project platform (step.green/eu), from August 1st to August 31st, 2017. The STEP team asked the participants in the dialogue

  • STEP Final Event in Berlin

    STEP celebrates 30 months of active Youth Participation in environmental decisions! STEP aimed at providing a platform and a digital environment,that will encourage the active participation of youth in global development issues with particular emphasis on sustainable development and environmental decisions. In that frame STEP hosts its final event on the 8/12/2017

  • Step flies you to Berlin

    The lucky winners that will attend the STEP final event at Berlin are: Mollet Del Valles pilot area Mrs Andrea Miñano da Silva e Sousa and Mrs Laia Fernández da Silva e Sousa Thessaloniki pilot area Mrs Christina Batsouka and Mrs Andriana Batsouka Crete pilot area Mrs Evangelia Zormpa and Mrs Garyfalia Zormpa Valdemoro pilot area Mrs Celia Andrino

  • Winners of Thesaloniki Pilot!

    The winners of the STEP contest in Thessaloniki are announced! On Thursday 16 of November a drawn took place in DRAXIS offices in order to announce the winners, who participated in Thessaloniki’s pilot contest! One winner and two substitute winners were drawn and are presented below: Winner: Χριστίνα Μπατσούκα Substitute

  • STEP Newsletter – 3rd issue

    Check out the 3rd issue of STEP’s newsletter here: STEP 3rd Newsletter! Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know the STEP news!  

  • 1st STEP Webinar: Let’s talk about e-participation! Don’t miss it!

    Three European projects on e-participation STEP, EMPATIA and EUth will e-meet at a unique webinar on Monday, 14 of March 2017, at 11am (CET). STEP: The interactive platform enabling youth Societal and Political e-Participation in decision-making procedures concerning environmental issues. EMPATIA: The first hands-on digital platform for creating and managing

  • STEP Launch event at Valdemoro Municipality!

    STEP’s launch event in Valdemoro Municipality will take place on 10th of March at the main Auditorium of the city. Young people and students from several schools are invited in order to be informed about STEP and the importance of e-participation. Agenda of the Event

  • STEP pilots have been launched!

    The first dialogues have already been uploaded by the pilots onto the STEP platform! Young citizens are currently invited to visit the platform, get informed on environmental issues in their area and share their opinions. Active citizen participation is the key to tackling many challenges. Post your ideas! Make suggestions!

  • STEP platform is on air!

    The STEP project has entered the second half of its second year and the pilots have been launched! STEP Platform is open to youngsters and there are currently dialogues in progress organized by 5 agencies from 4 European Countries: – Italy – Spain – Greece – Turkey Pilots are implemented

  • 4th project meeting in Prague

    Prague was the meeting place for the 4th meeting of the STEP Consortium. The meeting took place on 8-9 of December 2016. During the meeting a training workshop was organized by the technical partners in order to present all the features of the platform to the rest of the consortium