Five pilots in real contexts will be organised for the deployment of the STEP solution in 4 European Countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey. The pilots will be implemented with the direct participation of one regional authority, three municipalities, and one association of municipalities, and will include decision-making procedures on significant environmental matters.

The STEP pilot areas are:


  • The Association of the Communities of Locride area

    The Association of the Communities of Locride area

    It consists of 42 municipalities located in the Locride area, Italy, sharing the goal to promote development and democracy

  • Mollet del Vallès

    Mollet del Vallès

    A city of the metropolitan area of Barcelona that has won the European Green Leaf Award

  • Valdemoro city

    Valdemoro city

    A municipal district, located in the Southern zone of the autonomous community of Madrid, Spain

  • The Region of Crete

    The Region of Crete

    A second grade local self-government authority in Southern Greece

  • Hatay


    One of the largest cities located in Southern Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast, that has recently become a Metropolitan Municipality